7 April 2020

While working from home during large scale social restriction period (or, PSBB in Bahasa Indonesia) which is Indonesian version of partial lock down, I can’t help but thinking about those who have to work relentlessly to ensure that our society can fulfill the basic needs. Well, who would bring you food if nobody sells groceries? And who will tend the patients if no nurse works in the hospitals? These are the time where the essentials are more important than before, and everyone bears the burden of physical distancing patiently.

As a person that writes travel-related articles, staying home is an inopportuneness that I must face. But as a part of a society that strives to heal from Covid-19 epidemic, staying safe is a duty, therefore I stay home. However, staying home can also be considered as a privilege since there are so many people that have to work to keep us safe.

I’m stirred to write something different from my usual theme since it is about a different kind of travel. It is not a fun-loving travel, but it is a duty-obliging journey. It is distribution. Well, not just distribution, but distribution of health-related products.

From Pexels, courtesy of Branimir Balagovic.

Since the announcement of the initial Covid-19 case, which officially entered Indonesia in early March 2020, up to April 4th, 2020, 2.273 cases have been tested positive with 198 deaths and 164 recovering. As one of Indonesia's top pharmacy distributor companies, PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL) strives to maintain the best effort in its operation to serve the community, including doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Despite everything, APL preserves to hold a strict procedure to all employees and partners in order to prevent the Covid-19 from spreading more and more.

Targeted actions established by APL are performed in two levels, internal level and external level. From the internal side, APL, under the leadership of Christophe Piganiol as the President Director, makes sure that everyone in the company receives maximum health protection. Now that Covid-19 has spread widely in the community and the number of positive cases continues to creep up, APL also ensures that every employee is well under supervision. It moves to support the “stay home” physical distancing program advocated by the government in order to reduce the spread of this virus in the country.

As one of the top healthcare companies in Indonesia, APL must ensure that the delivery of medicines throughout Indonesia reaches those need it. APL works so that medical equipment can be properly distributed and available to as many people as possible throughout Indonesia. Medical equipment is not merely about PPE or Covid-19 related medicines, as other diseases still need treatment and can also endanger the lives of other people.

Concerning current circumstances, APL also ensures that every employee who still has to work and all partners involved in delivering drugs will get more attention. Not only body temperature screening, providing supplies masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and vitamin, the company also ensures that safety procedures are followed.

As all APL employees maintain their hygiene and safety and are able to carry out their duties to deliver health equipment properly, access to health also remains open to all Indonesians. Even in the midst of a pandemic, APL as one of the top pharmaceutical distributor companies in Indonesia maintains its main mission in making healthcare more accessible to the people of Indonesia

This also embodies APL's commitment to the Indonesian government and society. Since February 2020, APL has ensured that the entire company's annual agenda in the company has also been converted into an online format until an indefinite time limit and adjustable to government’s direction regarding the Covid-19 epidemic.

On the external side, APL as one of the top healthcare distributions in Indonesia has been directly involved in helping the government by collecting funds of Rp 200 million to support government fights against Covid-19 by providing education to pharmacist on how to prevent Covid-19 outbreak and other actions.

APL is an example of Indonesia's top pharmaceutical distributor who is responsive and continues to maintain its commitment to support the health sector in the country and ensure the availability of high-quality products and medical equipment for the entire community. The high initiative and social awareness shown by APL is a clear proof of APL's role as a top healthcare company in Indonesia.

Now, for a roundup. Be safe and stay healthy. Stay home or practice physical distancing. You have other people working to help us maintaining our health, but there are limitations – and workers everywhere are human, too. This includes all workers in health sector and other essential sectors. Their job is to make our lives easy, and in return we have to make their lives easy too. What an interdependent world that we live in.

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